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Jan De Nul and Tideway win Wheatstone dredging contract

by Jemma Castle last modified Nov 06, 2012 10:22 AM

Jan De Nul and Tideway BV, as a joint venture, have won a contract for Chevron’s subsea works to undertake offshore dredging and stabilisation works for the Wheatstone project.

Jan De Nul and Tideway win Wheatstone dredging contract

Dredging vessels at work; photo credit Shutterstock

About 40 kilometres of Wheatstone’s 225 kilometre export trunkline will need secondary stabilisation to protect it against cyclones.

Jan De Nul and Tideway’s contract is for the near-shore and offshore trench dredging and backfilling works for secondary stabilisation of the export trunkline from Wheatstone’s processing platform to the Ashburton North plant site.

“The secondary stabilisation will be installed in water depths ranging from 6m to 50m and will comprise a combination of pre-lay trenching with backfill, selective rock-dumping and subsea mechanical trenching,” said Chevron in a statement said.

Further scope for the work includes tunnel exit pit dredging and backfilling, post-lay rock dumping works, deep water pre-lay rock dumping and rock supply.

Jan De Nul and Tideway’s work is expected to begin in February next year and be completed by early 2015.

The joint venture is seeking expressions of interest for the supply of marine support vessels to assist with the activities using Onslow as a base.

“This scope includes providing all required material, consumables, equipment, facilities, labour, transportation, supervision, insurance and quality control to operate marine supporting vessels from near-shore Onslow up to approximately 36 kilometres offshore,” it said in the package offer. 

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